Will a Sniper™ system fit on my kart?

• More than likely Yes, the new generation "Vee" Snipers are designed to fit any spindle/hub size from 15.8mm (5/8") up to 63.5mm (2 1/2") Diameter.

• These systems have also been designed tall enough to still have the required line of sight on karts fitted with front brakes.


My laser has stopped working!

• First, ensure the unit is switched on properly.

• Second, SWITCH OFF the unit and visually check that the laser center hole is not blocked. Do NOT insert anything forcefully into the hole.
(Unwarrantable damage may occur to the laser diode.)

• Third, check or replace the batteries. If it is still not working the unit may be faulty. In this case return to your dealer.

How do I know if my Sniper™ is still within calibration?

• The SniperT can be checked for accuracy by recording your settings and then swapping the units left to right and you should see the same settings.
(toe in/out will be back to front.)

Everything works, but the laser won't point at the opposite Sniper™

• Either you have not fitted the unit correctly, or your wheel alignment settings are wildly out of the range of the Sniper™.

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